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"Reggie The RV" - West Coast Side


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Thanks for visiting the A to Zee website, it is designed to tell you more information about the “A to Zee Across America” project and published book. This was a journey across America with a difference because of these Rules…

1)   FOLLOW THE ALPHABET IN ORDER (a, b, c, d and so on…)




3)   AMERICA VOTED & DECIDED THE A TO Z DESTINATIONS.   (Ordinary American’s voted and wherever got the highest Votes was the next destination even if it was the complete opposite direction)

Travelling alone this was an inspirational journey for the author which took nearly 3 years, 80,000 miles all 50 States following after some tragic and well documented life changing events.

If you one of the hundreds of people who met Kay across the US and "Reggie" the memorabilia clad R. Or one of the Elementary schools who followed Kay’s journey in geography lessons.  The A to Zee Team wanted to say “Thanks for all you Support”.

Proceeds from the Sale of the Book are going to Charity

Preview the book by clicking here:


Require further information about the A to Zee Project please contact the team at:  
anne.johnson@smithpublicity.com or p.cox@nativevoicefilms.com 
Facebook: Kay Morris-Robertson     You-Tube: A to Zee Across America
Thanks for your Support